Modus. Prace z Historii Sztuki / Art History Journal, XIX, 2019


Data wydania: 2019

Ilość stron: 266

Rodzaj oprawy: miękka

Miejsce wydania: Kraków

Pozostałe informacje

In the 19th volume of the magazine “Modus. Works from art history” included the following articles:

  • Dorota Zaprzalska, The composite icon at Vlatadon monastery in Thessaloniki – its icono- graphic and compositional form as well as ideological and devotional function
  • Katarzyna Chrzanowska, Panelling in the chancel of the church of Saint John the Baptist in Skalbmierz
  • Weronika Nowak, Fabrica ecclesiae of the church and convent of Norbertine Nuns in Imbramowice in 1711–1740. New findings regarding the financing and organisation of the works, and the artists contracted
  • Konrad Niemira, Augustyn Mirys: new findings and hypotheses
  • Tomasz Dywan, From “Berlin school” to Art Nouveau: contribution to the study of archi- tecture of municipal public utilities in Lviv in the years 1858–1914

The volume also contains a chronicle of the Institute of Art History of the Jagiellonian University for 2018 edited by Andrzej Betlej.

The issue is also available in an open electoral version on our website and on the official website of the journal.

Improving international impact of the “Modus. Art history journal” by translating volumes 18 and 19 into English – task financed under contract No. 606/P-DUN/2018 from the Polish Ministry of Science and Higher Education grant for the promotion of science.

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