Splendide vestitus. O znaczeniu ubiorów na królewskim dworze Jagiellonów w latach 1447-1572


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Data wydania: 2012

Ilość stron: 500 (404 + 96)

Rodzaj oprawy: hardcover

Miejsce wydania: Kraków

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The book attempts to show the importance of attire at the royal court of the Jagiellon dynasty in the second half of the 15th century and in the 16th century. Polish kings understood the propagandist meaning of the attire in their own representations as a monarchs, their families and other members of the court and in the international and domestic relations. The publication enriched our knowledge about Jagiellons showing fashion as a means serving to show splendour of the dynasty.

The Author has analysed the written sources relaying information on valuable and luxuriant fabrics and attire attesting to the high level of fashion at the court of the Jagiellon family, which in that matter did not differ from other European courts. Fine dresses and valuable fabrics members of the dynasty owned brought the prestige of the royal court embedded in the common worldly culture of Europe.

Hardcover ● A4 format ● pp. 500 (404 + 96)

ISBN 978-83-61033-59-2