Modus. Prace z Historii Sztuki / Art History Journal, XVIII, 2018


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Data wydania: 2018

Rodzaj oprawy: softcover

Miejsce wydania: Kraków

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In the 18th volume of the magazine “Modus. Works from art history” included the following articles:

  • Piotr Pajor, Several remarks on the circumstances of the construction and architectural form of the Order of St. Clare church in Stary Sącz
  • Stefania Demchuk, Two Suppers: Illustrations by Jacob Cornelisz. van Oostsanen to Passio Domini Nostri Jesu Christi (1523) and the Eucharistic Controversy of the Early Reformation
  • Mikołaj Getka-Kenig, Sebastian Sierakowski’s treatise and the problem of disseminating architectural knowledge in the Duchy of Warsaw
  • Agata Wójcik, “Artistic thought” which permeated “common taverns”. Restaurant interiors at the Stary Teatr in Kraków designed by the artists connected with the Polish Applied Arts Society (TPSS)
  • Natasza Styrna, From provinces to the metropolis – the case of Sasza Blonder
  • Andrzej Betlej, Agata Dworzak, Professor Jan K. Ostrowski’s seventieth birthday celebration

The volume also contains a chronicle of the Institute of Art History of the Jagiellonian University for 2017 edited by Andrzej Betlej.

The issue is also available in an open electoral version on our website and on the official website of the journal.

Improving international impact of the “Modus. Art history journal” by translating volumes 18 and 19 into English – task financed under contract No. 606/P-DUN/2018 from the Polish Ministry of Science and Higher Education grant for the promotion of science.

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