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Editorial ethics

The “Societas Vistulana” Scientific Society is guided by the principles posited by the Committee on Publication Ethics (COPE) in the COPE Codes of Conduct and Best Practice Guidelines.


Rights and responsibilities of the Publisher

  • The Publisher supervises the observance of editorial ethics, and uses all available means to prevent plagiarism, abuse and other unfair practices, such as ghost writing and guest authorship.
  • The Publisher decides which texts will be published, based on the opinion of the editorial team, coupled with the reviews issued by external reviewers appointed for this purpose (see For the Authors bookmark).
  • The Publisher evaluates materials submitted for publication according to a predetermined, transparent procedure.
  • When making the decision to publish, the Publisher is guided solely by the originality of the submitted material, its academic value, and the significance for the advancement of research in Poland and worldwide; whereas commercial reasons and publication fees do not affect such decisions.
  • The Publisher does not disclose to unauthorized persons any information pertaining to the materials that had been submitted for publication.
  • The Publisher reserves the right to withdraw the publication even after its release, when there is evidence of: unreliability or falsification of research, plagiarism, or violation of the rules of editorial ethics, as well as in the event of serious methodological errors.


Rights and responsibilities of the Author

  • The Author is obliged to become acquainted with the principles of editorial ethics set by the Publisher, the procedure for qualifying the materials for publishing, the principles of collaboration between the Publisher and the Author as well as technical instructions.
  • The Author can only submit his/her own, original texts for publication. All extracts from other works, any quotations, tables and comments used in the text should be accompanied by appropriate footnotes.
  • The Author is required to accurately describe the research work that he/she had performed, and present an objective interpretation of the results.
  • The Author submitting material that had been developed by a number of Authors is required to specify the contribution of individual Authors in its creation.
  • The Author is required to attach a bibliography containing all publications that were used by him/her during the creation of the submitted material.
  • In the event of serious errors or inaccuracies in the text that had already been submitted, the Author is required to immediately notify the Publisher in order to correct these errors at the stage of editorial work.


Rights and responsibilities of the Editor of a joint publication

  • The Editor decides which materials will be published in the joint publication that he/she proposes.
  • The Editor assumes responsibility for compliance with the rules of editorial ethics, and the academic quality of the publication.
  • In the case of suspected plagiarism or falsification of research by one of the Authors, the Editor must decide to withdraw the given text from the joint publication and inform the Publisher.
  • The Editor is obliged to ensure that persons who contribute to the creation of a joint publication accept its final format, after the Publisher completes editorial work.


Rights and responsibilities of the Reviewer

  • The Reviewer is required to objectively evaluate the material submitted for publishing.
  • If necessary, the Reviewer should indicate relevant works, related to the subject matter of the text, that the Author has failed to reference.
  • The Reviewer should indicate and report to the Publisher any relevant similarities of the reviewed text to other works.
  • The Reviewer must not use the reviewed work to his/her personal benefits or purposes. Also, he/she should not judge the text where there may be a conflict of interest with the Author.
  • The Reviewer is obliged to provide a review within the set deadline, along with a statement confirming that there is no conflict of interest with the Author.