Potoccy herbu Pilawa do początku XVII wieku. Studium genealogiczno-własnościowe


Data wydania: 2013

Ilość stron: 440 + 12 + 10 maps in A3 format

Rodzaj oprawy: hardcover

Miejsce wydania: Kraków

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“The reason why I undertook research on the earlies history of the Potockis is obviously because of the acute shortage of studies of the sources on the history of this prominent family, which for several centuries decisively affected the domestic and foreign policies of the First Polish Republic, thus contributing to its modern history. Surprisingly, as one of the few families from the close elite of old Poland, the Potockis do not have a documentarily verified genealogy which would shed light on their medieval origins.“ (from an introduction of Marian Wolski)

The oldest history of the Potocki family from the Middle Ages until the early 17th century, their background and ways of building the family wealth which led them to join the elite of the First Polish Republic have not yet been properly examined by historians. It was then that the power of the family was born, whose influence on the tendencies of the development of the state and the nation in the centuries to come was enormous. The representatives of all the three generations of Potocki family were also typical homines economici, who perfectly understood the mechanisms of free economy and courageously took part in the capital turnover, boldly invested in land estates and chartered towns, profitting both from the trade in their own products and the transportation of products through their estates. The Potockis, just like representatives of other upwardly mobile families, took great care to acquire attractively located and thus profitable Crown estates which served them as foundations for developing large land complexes. The broadly conceived marital policies of the family also testified to the pragmatism of the early generations of the Potocki family.

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