Uniwersytet Krakowski wobec własnej przeszłości w XV–XVI wieku


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Data wydania: 2017

Ilość stron: 372

Rodzaj oprawy: hardcover

Miejsce wydania: Kraków

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The University of Krakow against Its Own Past in the 15th–16th Centuries

Historiography of the medieval and modern university is one of the important research area, but at the same time it remains poorly known and researched. This statement applies to all European universities and University of Krakow too. Among the outstanding studies into Polish historiography of the mediaeval times we can find the research into the university output of the history of Poland, particularly into the commentary by Jan of Dąbrówka and the University of Krakow as the centre of historical culture. Nevertheless, nobody has conducted the research into the historical output of the university. All this contributed to the assumptions of this monograph: the application of the studies into the memory culture and historical consciousness to the milieu of the University of Krakow; the inclusion of the 15th–16th centuries into the research, the time which can be regarded as the origins of the Krakow erudite university historiography (it was the period when the institutional framework of the university memory culture was formed and the first canon of knowledge of one’s own past was shaped); the recognition of the mechanisms and carriers of knowledge and historical self-consciousness through the acquisition and the analysis of the most important sources; determination of the most fundamental stages and moments crystallizing the analysed phenomenon.

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