Innowiercy w opiniach prawnych uczonych polskich w XV wieku. Poganie, żydzi, muzułmanie


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Data wydania: 2013

Ilość stron: 424

Rodzaj oprawy: paperback

Miejsce wydania: Kraków

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Infidels in the juridical opinions of the polish intellectuals in the 15th century. Pagans, jews, muslims

Th e aim of the following treatise is to collect the opinions of the Polish scholars concerning the legal issues of the infi dels: pagans, Jews and Muslims, since the aforementioned subject has not as yet been suffi ciently discussed. Th e only issues that lived to be analysed were related to the just war and doctrine of the law of nations, which were explored as if in the margin. Th e source material of the following work encompasses published texts and texts found in the mediaeval manuscripts. Th e treatise consists of three parts divided into chapters and an annex including a juxtaposition of the works by the Polish authors, in which juridical opinions on the problem of the infi dels are contained together with a list of manuscripts and available editions.

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