Bursa Starnigielska. Z dziejów kolegiów Uniwersytetu Krakowskiego w XVII i XVIII wieku


Data wydania: 2015

Ilość stron: 494

Rodzaj oprawy: hardcover

Miejsce wydania: Kraków

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Even though Bursa Starnigielska was established between 1639 and 1647, it clearly reflects the character of other Jagiellonian University student colleges, such as Bursa Pauperum (Isnera), Bursa Jerusalem or Bursa Canonistarum (Długosza). These institutions were direct descendants of medieval student colleges in Western Europe. An important part of the discussion presented in the study highlights the establishment and expansion of the college system at mediaeval universities, the nature of this expansion at the Jagiellonian University and identification of medieval roots within contemporary Bursa.

The book has a format that meets the expectations of economic historians head on. A review of the bylaws, inventories and documents associated with Starnigel’s foundation constitutes the first publication of these sources. For these, a traditional method of publication was adopted. Copies of bylaws and documents, unseen before, were found whilst reviewing these sources.

Series: Historia et Monumenta Universitatis Jagellonicae, vol. 4

hardcover ● B5 format ● pp. 494

ISBN 978-83-65548-18-4 ● Kraków 2015