Marcin Campius Wadowita (ok. 1567-1641)


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Data wydania: 2018

Ilość stron: 612 (608 + 4)

Rodzaj oprawy: hardcover

Miejsce wydania: Kraków

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Tomasz Graff: Marcin Campius Wadowita (ca. 1567–1641). A Priest and University of Krakow Professor

This publication is part of research on Polish ecclesiastical and intellectual elites in the early modern period. It presents the life and work of Marcin Campius Wadowita. Tomasz Graff tells us a story of a swineherd who became a scholar and famous Krakow priest, depicting a man of flesh and blood, in many ways untypical, but also not free of certain faults. Wadowita was truly a vibrant character, a remarkable member of Krakow’s church and the University under the rule of the Vasa dynasty. His erudition was admired in places such as Hungary, France, Rome, but also at the papal court. A comprehensive take on Marcin Campius Wadowita’s biography allowed us to reveal his relations with the social and cultural environment in which he functioned at different stages of his life. A multi-faceted view on the life of the priest and scholar made it possible to highlight those areas of his activity which so far have not been discussed in detail in publications concerning the University of Krakow priest professors of the period.

The co-publisher of the book is the Publishing House of the Pontifical University of John Paul II in Krakow.

Hardcover ● B5 format ● pp. 612 (608 + 4) ● Kraków 2018

ISBN 978-83-65548-33-7 ● ISBN 978-83-7438-759-0

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