Sygnety drukarskie w Rzeczypospolitej XVI wieku. Źródła ikonograficzne i treści ideowe


Data wydania: 2015

Ilość stron: 344

Rodzaj oprawy: paperback

Miejsce wydania: Kraków

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Printers’ devices in the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth of the 16th century. The iconographic sources and the ideological content

The study discusses the printers’ devices used in the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth in the 16th century. It explores printers’ devices transition from simple signs towards symbolic compositions, concentrating on the ideological inspirations and iconographic models of the devices. As a result, it proposes interpretations for the devices used by early printers in Poland-Lithuania. On the one hand it reconstructs what the local printers wanted to communicate with their devices, but on the other, it speculates about the message that the contemporary readers might have understood when coming across these compositions in books that reached their hands.

The book industry of the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth was less developed than early print culture in Italy, the German-speaking lands or France, and consequently the number of printers’ devices used in the country was small in comparison with the device inheritance of other Europe realms. But the Polish-Lithuanian device confirm that the textual and visual discourses of the printers’ mark were pan-European, reflecting the networked communities of the European centres of learning and commerce, especially the universities and towns.

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