Przekaz kulturowy w parafiach katolickich na obszarze Rzeczypospolitej Obojga Narodów czasów stanisławowskich


Data wydania: 2018

Ilość stron: 388 (356 + 32) p.

Rodzaj oprawy: hardcover

Miejsce wydania: Kraków

Pozostałe informacje

The Cultural Message in Catholic Parishes in the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth of the Stanislavian Period

The aim of the publication was to examine the methods and content of the cultural message in the rural and small-town Catholic parishes in the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth in the stanislavian period. The Author was interested in what the faithful could learn from the sermons, catechisms and the episcopal letters read by parsons and vicars during their visits in rural and smalltown churches on Sundays and church holidays, since the message preached there had a genuine social range. He analyzed ideas familiar to historians of books written by bishops, their collaborators and, most of all, educated friars, only if they were bought, read and used in parson’s and vicar’s pastoral work that they performed every Sunday. He has researched the cultural message in the following Roman Catholic dioceses: Płock, Vilnius, Cracow and Chełm and in the Chełm diocese of the Greek Catholic. This choice reflected the administrative division, the ethnic and religious diversity of the parishioners and the different worldviews of bishops. The book written by Stanisław Witecki gains significantly our knowledge about the social range of various ideas.

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