About Society

“Societas Vistulana” Scientific Society was founded in 1996 by the adepts of history of the Jagiellonian University, University of Warsaw and University of Gdansk ‒ the enthusiasts wishing to popularize history and support academic development of the young researchers by creating institutional frames and collecting financial resources for the research projects and academic publications. Today it brings together a great number of historians and representatives of the related sciences. The popularization of historical legacy and other objectives specified in the Statute are realized through academic conferences and dynamically developing publishing activities. The Society constitutes a significant element of Polish and international academic life.

download the Statute of “Societas Vistulana”

The Management of “Societas Vistulana” Scientific Society

e-mail: zarzad@vistulana.pl

The Publishing House of “Societas Vistulana” Scientific Society

e-mail: redakcja@vistulana.pl

Piotr Rabiej
– chairman of the Management Board

Tomasz Graff
– secretary of the Management Board
Andrzej Marzec
– treasurer of the Management Board
Dariusz Gorajczyk
– member of the Management Board
Janusz Szyszka
– member of the Management Board

Gabriela Marszałek
– editor-in-chief

e-mail: biuro@vistulana.pl
tel.: 12 421 75 78
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