Cookies are computer files saved and stored in the user's device (e.g. computer, laptop, smartphone,etc.) visiting www sites. A cookie usually contains the name of the site, the "lifespan" of the cookie (i.e. the expiration date of the cookie), and a unique session identifier.

Types of cookies used by the service

Used by cookies are safe for the users device.

They are the files used by the statistical software Google Analytics (owing to which we can better adjust our site to the users'needs), Google Plus and (social networking websites). They help to save the selected language version of the website and complete the booking form (the so-called session cookies).

More information about the cookies used by external service providers can be found here :

Blocking or limiting access for the cookies

By default, web browsers consider cookies as safe and accept them. The user can individually and at any time change the settings of the cookies, specifying the conditions of their storage and the access to the cookies in the user's device. The result of such a change can lead to the problems with services provided via the Internet site. No change in the settings of the cookies will mean that they will be contained in the user's device.

Below you will find information given by the producers of the browsers and the user's devices with the instruction how to modify the settings of the cookies:

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